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Today, more than ever, valuable classroom time presents the best opportunity - often the only opportunity - to turn kids on to reading. Kelly Gallagher


The goal of any literacy program is to help students become actively engaged in the process of reading. Engaged readers: 

  • choose to read for a variety of purposes, such as learning new information or escaping into a story world
  • build on previous reading experiences to construct new understandings about reading and the world
  • use reading strategies to make sense of their reading
  • discuss their reading with others

We want to create classroom environments where students are challenged and excited by their reading.  Some of the key elements of literacy rich environments include:

  • access to interesting books and other reading materials
  • extended periods of time to read and respond to texts 
  • personal choice in what to read
  • effective reading instruction 
  • activities that include discussion, sharing and interaction

In this section of the website we describe approaches to reading and instructional strategies that help students become engaged, successful readers.



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