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Recommended Sites: Literature Circles and Reader’s Workshop

A list of multiple sites for ideas for good books for literature circles

This QEP document describes the structures and features of a range of texts (transcript, news article, IPB, etc.)

"Picture Books and Illustrator Studies": this instructional strategy is designed to foster visual literacy through a process of guided viewing. Full explanation and lesson plan included."

Everything you need to know about Literature Circles: from which books to use to how to get kids thinking and responding to them, all within a true community of learners.

Geared to Grades 3-6, this site explains how to incorporate roles into your literature circles.

Teacher Laura Candler’s website describes varying models for literature circles. She also gives directions for setting up an effective variation: Classroom Book Clubs.

A comprehensive resource for teachers, based on “Mosaic of Thought”(see above)