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Literacy Today is about more than just information in a website.  This site strives to inspire educators throughout Quebec to engage in their teaching, and, in turn, engage their students in their learning.   To do so, we have been fortunate enough to have outstanding contributions from a wide variety of people, to make this a site that we can all be proud of.     

We would like to recognize, in particular, Janet Radoman for her high standards in research and writing, her clear vision, and her warm heart. 
We appreciate the hard work of our Literacy Today team and all of our contributors.
Literacy Today Team:
Michele Luchs
Michael Pellegrin
Anne Beamish
Janet Radoman
Lea Ehret
Helene Daigle
Carol Swiston
Abigail Anderson
Susan Brisson


Andrew Adams
Deborah Berger
Maureen Bowers
Louise Bourque
Kerstin Brand
Sabrina Carbone
Melinda Cochrane
Marlene Colacci 
Samantha Colacci
Sue Deme
Maya Dougan
Cristina Franchetto
Clare Gabert
Catherine Goodwin
Jordan Kent
Barbara Kurtzman
Diane Lazure
Judy Leonard
Linda Mahler
Alison McGlaughlin
Karen McPherson
Heather Morrison
Charles Northey
Barbara Palcich
France Paquin
Teresa Oppesidano
Mary Sauvé

Amber Coones