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Series of Meetings with Teachers







  • A group of teachers with a clear goal meet regularly in order to improve their practice. The group may be directed by the participants themselves (e.g., PLC) and/or supported by a facilitator, (e.g., PDIGs facilitated by a consultant).
  • Allows teachers to research and then try out various strategies or practices in their classrooms that can be shared with the group
  • Allows PD leader to visit participants in their classrooms between whole group sessions
  • Could allow participants to visit each other in their classrooms between whole group sessions
  • Develops a sense of community
  • Allows for adjustment of goals as new challenges or opportunities appear
  • Promotes a sense of accountability to the group
  • Normalizes risk-taking
  • Allows for rich, more lengthy processes, like analyzing records of student work
  • Can include aspects of coaching (e.g., sharing of videos of practice for collective analysis)
  • Allows teachers to develop expertise over time
  • Time consuming
  • Expensive to replace teachers for numerous days if pedagogical days are not available
  • Can be difficult to find common time to schedule meetings
  • Limited number of teachers can participate
  • Needs to be at least some face-to-face with whole group (everyone needs to be physically in the same place at the same time at least part of the time)
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