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  • Online session usually with presenter(s) focusing on a specific topic. May be synchronous (in which case participants may be able to communicate with the presenter and/or others) or asynchronous (archived).
  • Participants can join from different locations
  • Cost effective
  • If archived, it’s re-playable and available for new participants
  • Allows for sharing of material digitally (during webinar and beforehand)
  • Able to target specific subject/information that people ‘need to know’
  • Possibility of interaction (back-channel, chat box, video input, web links)
  • Allows for the creation of a ‘participant space’ for continued discussion
  • Best if includes variety of outputs (video, Powerpoint, variety of speakers)
  • One-way communication (if archived)
  • Difficult to sustain participant attention
  • Length of webinar must remain short
  • If webinar is archived, session must be scripted
  • Time consuming to organise
  • Technological glitches can’t all be anticipated and planned for