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PD Planning Template



When we have considered our goals for teacher learning, and laid out a plan with thought and intention, PD leaders have the best chance of responding to the needs of their community and staying on track with a clear message. Mike Pellegrin

We have found that there is a set of particularly valuable questions to ask ourselves when we plan PD, which we share here.

Context: (e.g. PDIG group, PLC team, one-shot PD session, series of PD sessions, ongoing coaching…)


In the long term, what do you want students to be able to do? Therefore, what do you want teachers to be able to do?


 Does this involve a shift in epistemic stance?

 What high leverage teaching practices are targeted for development?

 What should students be able to do if the teacher(s) implement these practices?

 What does this look like in the classroom (video/transcript examples)?

Who is the audience?



 What is the range of teachers’ experience and expertise?

 Is there a gap between teachers’ current practice and the proposed practice?

 What possible misconceptions might audience have?

 Is participation voluntary or mandated?

 Number of teachers?

What are your goals for this session?


 Is the grain size reasonable (explain)?

 What models of exemplary practice can you share early (videos/transcripts)?

 Are there opportunities for teachers to learn experientially?

 How will you collect evidence of teacher learning?

What is the proposed sequence of activities? (before, during, after)


 What is the purpose for each activity?

 Is there an expected outcome for each?

 Is there a sequential order for scaffolding learning?


My personal professional goal, e.g. facilitation move(s):




PD Planning Template


What are articles / videos / references would help participants prepare for this workshop?






What example of exemplary practice will you share right at the beginning?






Goals for Teacher learning

Resources and Materials























What are articles / videos / references / web community (e.g., Edmodo)  would help participants continue to progress in their learning about this/ these workshop (s) ?





Downloadable PD Planning TEMPLATE for your planning