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Journal Prompts

Writing in journals can be a great way for students to generate ideas for writing, respond to essential questions, explore concepts from reading or class discussions, and think critically. At times, teachers may want to guide student thinking by providing prompts to the journal writing.

Reading prompts can be developed to promote a range of responses. For example:

  • To help students identify a problem or issue
  • To challenge assumptions
  • To use what they have learned
  • To consider different points of view

Reference: Tomasek, T. (2009) Critical reading: Using reading prompts to promote active engagement with text, International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education. 21 (1), 127-132.

Writing prompts can also be called Quickwrites. Poems, short stories, photographs, can all be used as prompts for Quickwrites.

For examples download this pdf of Quickwrites compiled and adapted by Sam Grumont from the book 100 Quickwrites by Linda Reif, Scholastic