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The Opinionaire

The opinionaire is a form of survey that asks students to agree or disagree with particular perspectives on the issues they will be reading about. The survey helps students activate background knowledge and beliefs that can enhance their understandings and lead to thoughtful discussions.


Think carefully about each of these statements.
Write A (agree) or D (disagree) in the 'S' column for yourself.
Discuss with someone from home (H) and your group (G). Add their opinions in the respective columns.
After reading the novel write what you think the author (A) thinks about these statements.

  S H G A
Serious athletes care greatly about their physical health and would never do anything to endanger it.        

You can find this complete opinionaire, which is based on Edward Bloor's young adult novel Tangerine at This article also gives a very good explanation on the use of opinionaires.