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3-Step Interviews

3-Step Interview

Form teams of four in which each person chooses a letter from A – D.

Step 1 – A interviews B, while C interviews D. (3 minutes)

Step 2 – Roles reverse. B interviews A while D interviews C. (3 minutes)

Step 3 – The team comes together again as a foursome and each pair takes turns introducing his or her interview partner. (i.e., A introduces B to the team, relating what he or she has learned about that person through their interview conversation. Each person takes approximately 2 minutes to introduce their partner to the other two.)

Questions for a 3-Step Interview could reflect the teaching of Language Arts:

  • What do you like about teaching Language Arts?

  • What do you find most challenging in working with your students?

  • Why did you choose to be an English teacher?

  • If their job were to end tomorrow, what would you choose as their next career, and why?

3-Step Interview can have a dual purpose. It can serve as a vehicle to explore the talk competency within the format of an interview highlighting the role of the interviewer and the interviewee. Learning how to adhere to time limits is also important in this activity! The interviewer must be ready to represent his or her partner after the interview is conducted so careful listening and interpreting are key factors. Each partner has the opportunity to fill both roles in the time provided. The other purpose of the 3-Step process is of course to learn more about fellow team mates and develop a sense of community and caring amongst participants.