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Full-Day One-Off


Full-Day One-Off:


Teachers gather together for a whole day of PD, usually facilitated by either an outside expert or local leader.


  • Can happen on a PD day which makes it cheaper because you don’t need to organize substitutes

  • Happens during the “regular” work day so teachers are more likely to be attentive and ready to learn

  • Substantial time to develop or refine a new teaching practice

  • Opportunities to engage in a variety of different activities within the same day, including investigating examples of high quality practice and trying out the practice in a situation of reduced complexity


  • Not always opportunities to have teachers do any preparation for the day or to follow up with them afterwards

  • Not long enough to work with teachers on a practice which requires a change in their epistemic stance (pop up to: Epistemic Stance: Beliefs about the nature of learning, beliefs about what is worth knowing, beliefs about how to teach what’s worth knowing, beliefs about how to ‘look for’ learning).

  • Possible resentment on PD days from teachers who would much rather be free to do their own work in their own time

Examples of appropriate goals for this model

  • Rich questions worth asking in the reading response process  

  • Orchestrating effective whole group discussions

For example: