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How Can We Get More from Our Time with Teachers?

  • Send an audio message, video or email in advance of the meeting with any information to be shared during PD (e.g., meeting dates, upcoming deadlines).
  • Create a closed learning community online (e.g., Edmodo) where you and teachers can share resources, experiences and general information.
  • Send resources (e.g., articles, videos, etc.) to fuel reflection in advance of and following PD sessions
  • Assign readings for “homework” so you don’t have to spend time reading during PD.
  • Ask teachers to bring in records of practice (e.g., student work, journals, or videos of themselves teaching) that they can share with colleagues.
  • Ask teachers to be prepared to seek feedback from others, as well as to share their own thoughts about the artifact.
  • Complete a common template that gives background info. about their artefact to provide a solid starting point for participants.