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Line up

In this activity, you read a statement that describes a teaching practice and allows for different levels of experience and expertise. Such as one of the following:

How comfortable are you with...

  • Conducting a writing conference with individual students?
  • Teaching response?
  • Teaching students reading comprehension strategies?
  • Evaluating Talk?

These  examples are very general, but more specific questions can be presented depending on your learning goals.

A line in the center of the room represents a continuum, in which one end represents VERY COMFORTABLE, the middle represents SOMEWHAT COMFORTABLE and opposite end represents NOT AT ALL COMFORTABLE. Participants are invited to find their place on the line to indicate their degree of comfort with a particular concept of practice.

Observing where teachers place themselves on the line will give you feedback as to people’s perception of their expertise, as well as providing insights into who might be paired for maximum learning benefits. Teachers can then be asked to discuss with someone why they chose their spot on the line. Keep in mind that talking in a small group or with a partner provides security and builds relationships. Being asked to share in the large group may be intimidating for some.

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