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PD Content: what are your goals for this session?

  • My goal for the session is for teachers to be convinced of the value of student talk in responding, and for teachers to have some strategies to support talk (in response) in their classrooms. 
  • I can share Maureen’s video of cycle II students talking
  • Teachers will go through an activity where they will talk I small groups about a text, will have the chance to examine some texts that are good response texts, and will have the opportunity to co-plan a response lesson involving talk with these texts.
  • Evidence of teacher learning:  exit cards – teachers will set a goal for themselves based on the Teaching response continuum.  I will follow up with those who ask, either now or later through email and classroom visits/modeling and/or working with teachers as individuals or as staff groups.  I should see (through the cards, through the discussions, and through follow-up emails) a deeper understanding of response.