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PD Content: who is the audience?

  • All cycle II teachers; so they range from teachers who are just out of university to those who have many, many years of experience.  Some are very proficient in getting students talking and responding to text, and some are in the beginning stages.
  • The gap, therefore, is different for different teachers;  but in general, because most of their schools have set response and reading comprehension as a priority, most of the teachers have an interest in improving in this area and have been trying various strategies to this end.
  • Some feel that students in cycle II are “too young” to find meaning/big ideas/message in texts.  Some may think that response is only about writing (as opposed to talking).  Some think that the task is to have students write “full” responses all the time.  Some think that any story (or any “good” text) can be a good response text.
  • Mandatory attendance (some would rather be in their classes preparing)
  • About 30 teachers