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What do you want teachers to be able to do?

Students will think of themselves as a community of writers and thinkers by engaging enthusiastically in the writing process. I want teachers to appreciate each other in their own community of learners helping one another to set goals, model, and plan activities with clear intention as they develop the writing process  with their students. It will involve a shift from focusing on product to focusing on process. It will require sharing of practice to enrich the practice of one another and enhancing personal practice through co-planning, discussion, studying mentor authors on the subject of writing and analyzing videos of one such author, Regie Routman.


High leverage teaching practice for the purpose of this PD includes Building respectful relationships with the participants. This is important because the teachers are sharing their practice openly and giving feedback to one another based on classroom observation, discussion and examination of student writing samples and teacher-student conferences from their respective classes. It is vital that a community of mutual trust and respect be established providing a strong connection between the teachers themselves and between the teachers and the PD leader.


High leverage teaching practice for the teachers involved includes analyzing instruction for the purpose of improving it. It also includesexplaining and modeling content, practices and strategies in this case related to the writer’s process. This is important because it directly affects teaching practice and since its development is embedded in practice teachers will experience the change in their classrooms in real ways that make a difference for students. In the classroom this is reflected in lots of teacher modelling.