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Short (1-2 hour) Workshop


Short (1-2 hour) Workshop


Teachers gather for a short workshop or presentation, usually offered by a local expert (such as the ELA consultant).


Opportunity to:

  • Share news

  • Share resources that might help “tweak” teachers’ current practices

  • Highlight teacher successes (e.g., have a local teacher share a particularly meaningful project)

  • Generate interest in a longer-term, higher-commitment PD opportunity (e.g., PDIGs)

  • Network with other ELA teachers


  • There is not enough time to really dig into anything.

  • The only reasonable goal for teacher learning will have to be very narrow and specific; you cannot tackle any practices that requires a significant epistemic stance change.

  • Often there is no sense of a community of learners

  • Often teachers are mandated to these kinds of workshops, so you may not have buy-in or easy participation

Examples of Goals at the appropriate grain size for this format

  • Three rapid formative assessment ideas

  • How to put your grade book online

  • 12 great YA books kids will love

Effective examples