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Three-Step Interview

In a three-step interview, teachers take turns interviewing each other and sharing what they learned with the whole group. The purpose of the three-step interview is to develop a sense of community and caring amongst participants.

Teachers are given guiding questions to structure their conversations, such as:

•  What do you like about teaching Language Arts?
•  What do you find most challenging in working with your students?
•  Why did you choose to be an English teacher?
•  If your job were to end tomorrow, what would you choose as your next career, and why?

This is how it works:

Ask participants to join a team of four and to choose a letter from A to D.
Step 1: A interviews B, while C interviews D for three minutes.
Step 2: Roles reverse. B interviews A while D interviews C for three minutes.
Step 3: The team comes together as a foursome and each pair introduces his or her partner.