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What is the proposed sequence of activities?

Before-- Roundtable - Sharing of something that has influenced one`s personal teaching practice as a result of having participated in this project. 

Purpose: To provide a forum for each teacher to reflect on and articulate their personal gains and how these gains have influenced their classroom practice this year.

Expected outcome: That the teachers will further build their sense of community recognizing the contributions they have made to one another`s learning and set the tone for the practices they will share during the day.


During – Listening to 4 audio taped writing conferences,

Purpose: Analyze instruction for the purpose of improving it.

Expected Outcome: Teachers learning will be enhanced by sharing their classroom experiences.


Handbook work –

Purpose:  To formalize and capture the learning from work done on topics covered e.g. Quickwrites, Conferencing and Writing Process.

Expected Outcome: Teachers will take ownership of their learning and feel a sense of pride by preparing the handbook to be shared with other teachers in the system.


Class Visit -

Purpose:  To allow teachers to observe classroom practice with a view to appreciating teacher moves and how they advance the learning.

Expected Outcome: Teachers will be able to identify teacher moves and articulate what they noticed and appreciated and pose an educated question.


After – Debriefing on each conference with appropriate feedback to the conferencing teacher, setting goals for handbook work to be done before next meeting date, debriefing on class visit with appropriate feedback to class teacher on her lesson.