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Who is the audience?

There are 4 teachers involved in this PDIG project, entitled “Improving Writing Practice in the Classroom”. They have a range of 16 years to 25 years of teaching experience. One of the teachers spent a year teaching overseas. Collectively speaking they have taught in schools reflecting high needs students. One teaches in a bilingual school, two teach in English core schools one of which has the Success For All program, and one teaches in a combined English core and Immersion school.

One misconception they had in starting out with the project was their understanding of modelling and its role in the teaching of writing. Although they may have demonstrated the process they did not do the sportscasting but rather invited students into the creation of a text. They were also more focused on the product rather than the process of writing.

Their participation in this project has been voluntary and in spite of work-to-rule restrictions each opted to continue with the project when polled separately.