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Into the Classroom


The projects and learning activities included in this section of the website have been created and used by innovative teachers from around Quebec. Each project contains a balance of visual, print and media literacy and should appeal to different types of learners. We hope you will use the projects and activities as a jumping off point for your own ideas. They can be adapted to suit the ages and needs of your students.

These are integrated projects, where students work in groups and individually to develop and ’produce’ their texts in developmentally appropriate ways.



Throughout this process students :

  • brainstorm ideas
  • use creative and critical thinking
  • write scripts, articles, personal narratives and more
  • storyboard
  • conduct research
  • provide feedback to peers communicate their ideas using the language and techniques of the particular text ​

The projects can be completed with a range of technology from pen and paper to inexpensive ’point and shoot’ cameras and simple computer programs.