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I was a novice with a literature and print background. I read graphic novels by only reading the words. Boy was I missing out. I learned first-hand that image and word do not operate the same way in terms of conveying information, and that if anyone is going to be an effective multi-media communicator you need to have the tools of the trade to do it purposefully. So, give it a go, and enjoy learning alongside your students. I did !  Mary Sauve, Secondary Teacher




We all know what comics are. Most people learned to read and love comics long before they entered school. But what exactly is a graphic novel? As of now there is no clear answer to that question. One definition is that a graphic novel is any book in comic format that resembles a novel in length and narrative structure. However a trip to a book store, or a search on Google shows us that this is not really accurate. Graphic novels include a wide range of genres including outstanding memoirs, historical fiction and nonfiction, poetry, biography, science fiction, and more.

Graphic novels integrate images and text and they cannot be read without the reader paying attention to everything on the page. Both comics and graphic novels are excellent texts to introduce students of all ages to visual literacy.

Teachers who are considering using comics and graphic novels in their classrooms will find the projects and classroom ideas in this section of the website helpful in getting started.


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