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Classroom Projects

These projects are based on actual integrated projects carried out by Quebec teachers. We hope they will act as a springboard for your own ideas. Each of these projects can be adapted to the age and needs of your students.

When you read the following Classroom Projects you will notice in each case the teacher has provided opportunities for students :

  • to use the lens of the camera to explore their world
  • to decode, interpret and understand photographs
  • to use images as a springboard for verbal and written expression
  • to produce their own photographs in order to communicate a message and/or meaning to the viewer


In creating the class photobook each student had to compose a photo in which they would appear and shoot a photo that included one of their (...)
I used Wendy Ewald’s beautiful book, The Best Part of Me, to inspire my Cycle 1 students. I wanted to create an integrated project that (...)
The following inquiry project is based on one created by teacher Susan Brisson for her Cycle 3 students. The students explored (...)