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Classroom Projects

The integrated projects that you will find in this section of the website were carried out by Quebec teachers. We hope they will act as a springboard for your own ideas. Each of these projects can be adapted to the age and needs of your students.



You will notice, in each of the projects, the teacher has provided opportunities for students :

  • to view and respond to films 
  • to explore the structure and features of various video texts in order to discover how they contribute to the interpretation of the text 
  • to use their discoveries and new understanding to create their own projects using video


Elementary students at St Patrick Elementary School in downtown Montreal produced their own video adaptation of one of their favourite (...)
In this project, Michele Luchs and Janet Radoman worked with elementary Cycle 3 students to produce a Public Service Ad. The purpose of the ad (...)
I attended a conference where I heard Bernajean Porter talk about digital storytelling. I showed my students a sample of some digital stories (...)