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Reader Response Learning Continuum

An Interactive Planning Tool for Teachers

Through discussion, and in writing, the reader :

Big Ideas Connections Crafting Choices Critical Reading

Grapples with different interpretations and with broader and/or underlying issues that are raised by big idea(s), and challenges or supports them.

Examines the broader context of the ideas, values, and beliefs presented in the text through insightful connections.

Analyzes crafting choices in relation to big idea(s) and evaluates the way these choices shape meaning and reading experience for different readers.

Examines representation, bias, and/or stereotypes, and considers how these affect the message(s) and the view of the world presented in the text.

Analyzes message(s) presented in the text and takes a position based on that analysis.


Recognizes different interpretations and big idea(s) using text references to support thinking.

Makes focused connections that develop the understanding of big idea(s) and that support interpretation(s) of the text.

Considers the way meaningful crafting choices contribute to big idea(s) and different interpretations of the text and/or the reading experience.

Reflects on different opinions and interpretations of the text to clarify and extend her/his own ideas.

Considers representations, bias,and/or stereotypes in the text.

Compares own ideas, values and beliefs with those in the text.


Identifies topic(s) and/or big idea(s) and refers to textual elements when attempting to explain them.

Makes connections that contribute to understanding what happened and why, in order to support the identification of topic(s) or big ideas(s).

Notices obvious crafting choices that contribute to an understanding of topics or big idea(s), and/or have an effect on the reader.

Expresses an opinion about the text or parts of the text and gives reasons for the opinion.

Recognizes that different readers might understand the same text differently.

Asks questions to clarify and extend her/his thinking.


Retells story events and may identify a topic.

Asks questions in order to understand the text.

Uses prior knowledge and experience to connect to the text in ways that may help with understanding.

Identifies familiar crafting choices that may have an effect on the reader.

Reacts to the text by sharing personal feelings, likes and dislikes.

Talks about her/his favourite part and explains why it is her/his favourite.

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