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Writing can be used as a vehicle to express ourselves as we negotiate the journey through our lives.
 Kelly Gallagher, Write Like This



Students produce texts to think, communicate and to learn. As students explore the way meaning(s) and message(s) are constructed for different purposes and audiences they gain firsthand experience of the way texts work from the inside out.



● Produce texts as a means of self-expression that allows them to communicate ideas, thoughts, experiences and information to others.

● Draw on insights gained from being a writer/producer to better understand themselves, the experiences of others.

● Understand that texts are constructed within specific contexts for specific purposes and audiences.

● Develop skills and strategies that meet the needs of their audience.

● Apply textual elements such as structures, features, codes and conventions to suit the chosen text in light of its context and desired effect.

● Reinvest knowledge to interpret texts at a deeper level, thus activating the reading-writing connection.


This section offers a variety of instructional practices that help students become engaged, successful writers and producers of a range of spoken, written and media texts. You will also find many practical classroom ideas that you can adapt to suit your students’ needs.