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Production Process

We write with the whole person.-Virginia Woolf




The focus of the Production Competency is on students learning how to make deliberate production decisions in light of purpose, message and intended audience. They then craft the text accordingly and justify the choices made. Students gain firsthand experience, learning how texts work from the inside out and can in turn reinvest this knowledge to interpret texts at a deeper level, activating the reading-production connection. 


Whether producing texts individually or in groups, students require the support and feedback of both teacher and peers. With both written and media texts, they need time to think, plan, draft, talk and adjust their ideas.


Students do not need to complete the whole process for each text they undertake. Some texts may only be taken through the planning stage. Other larger production projects may be taken through to postproduction. What is important is that the student is immersed in the text to be produced and is given an opportunity to reflect on the production experience.

Below, the writing and production processes are synthesized side-by-side. Download Production Process.

Additional Resources

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ReadWriteThink offers a storyboard sample and printable storyboard handout.

Pixar offers a video that can be used as a teaching tool and to introduce the concept to storyboarding.