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Authentic Reading Contexts



Students can really discuss 
issues that come up in the book, ask questions they have, seek clarification from their peers, come up with their own discussion questions and pick out passages that were meaningful and justify why those passages were important. This is what we want students to do when engaging with literature. -Amber Coones, teacher



Reading in the SELA program is integrated into the other competencies. The reading projects presented here incorporate reading to make meaning, to be immersed into texts as models for production, and to form the foundation for discussion and inquiry.

These projects have been designed by innovative teachers from around Quebec. Each project contains a balance of visual, print and media literacy and should appeal to different types of learners and can be adapted to different student needs.

These are integrated projects where students work individually and in groups to plan, develop, produce their texts.


Student met as book clubs to dicuss their ideas about the books they read. 

Students used a production process to draft, edit and revise their articles.

Students also had the option of writing a response to the film.


Additional Resources

Quebec Reading Connection offers information on books for SELA classrooms.

The Mental Health project was shortlisted by the Reading Recognition Awards commitee in 2017.