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Offering Choice in Reading

Our students are in desperate need of large doses of authentic reading... These doses need to come from a mix of reading experiences, from longer, challenging novels and works of nonfiction to 'lighter' recreational reading. -Kelly Gallagher, Readicide


Adolescents are already well on their way to becoming lifelong readers who have developed a reading profile comprised of the books and other texts that they like to read. In addition to personal favourites, students have read literary, popular and information-based texts that are appropriate for their age and interests. The texts students read reflect a balance between those that are selected on an individual basis and those introduced by others, including the teacher. 

There are many ways to introduce texts to students...

Book Talks:

Book talks are one of the easiest and useful ways to introduce books to students. The best book talks include a short reading from the text, a quick summary and reasons why the book should be read. 

Book Tube:


In this video, vloger Catriona explains how to produce a Booktube review.


Book Speed Dating:

Teacher Erica Beaton does book speed dating (or book frenzy) with her students to increase exposure to different texts. Here she explains her process:




Peer Book Recommendation

Peer recommendation are powerful ways to engage students in reading.  Shelf hangers and book reviews are one way to promote different titles. Informal peer book talks and having students read and review new titles can also build a community of readers in the classroom.


Have students read and create mini book reviews for the classroom or school library shelves. QR codes can also be used to link to online reviews, author information, and other book information.

Additional Resources

Erica Beaton offers tips for getting students to do more choice reading in the blog.

How to Booktube by Catriona.

This article profiles many YA Book Tube content creators and book reviewers. 

YA publishers are on Instagram. Bookstagram posts can serve as models for book-related social media posts.