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Reading Narrative Texts



I think one is naturally impressed by anything having a beginning a middle and an ending when one is beginning writing and that it is a natural thing because when one is emerging from adolescence, which is really when one first begins writing one feels that one would not have been one emerging from adolescence if there had not been a beginning and a middle and an ending to anything. -Gertrude Stein

Throughout Secondary Cycle I and II students read a variety of written, spoken and media texts for pleasure and to learn, some of which will be narrative. Narrative texts include novels, short stories, some poetry, and other texts that tell a story. 

The narrative texts students read:

  • reflect a balance between self-selected titles and titles chosen by others
  • move form young adult literature to a balance of texts written for adolescents and adults
  • include and equal representation of titles written by male and female authors
  • feature characters that reflect the diversity of modern Quebec culture.

Diverse Texts for Diverse Readers

Young adult literature offers a wealth of different text types and genres. 


Some of the genres represented in the above are in fact particular to young adult literature. They include:

Verse Novels

Verse novels are novel-length narrative texts written in free verse and poetry. These texts make use of different forms of poetry such as shape poems, and simple or complex stanzaic verse forms. These texts often have multiple narrators and may include narration, dialogue and descriptions.

Dystopian Novels

Dystopian YAL is a sub-category of science fiction and feature young adults in dystopian settings. Often featuring complex settings that feature complex social, political and global issues mixed with romance. Dystopian YAL protagonists are often feature young people embarking on a type of hero’s quest.

Illustrated Texts

This category includes picture books, both wordless and multimodal, and illustrated novels as well as graphic novels. Illustrated texts incorporate image and text and make use of elements of graphic in addition to the conventions of their genre. Text include graphic memoirs, realistic graphic novels, multimodal fantasy novels that incorporate illustrations and images and event multigenre and multimodal narrative non-fiction.


Additional Resources


Quebec Reading Connection offers a database of a variety of texts that have been selected for Quebec students.