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Planning for Explicit Instruction of Transfer                                   

A teacher who understands the importance of transfer for language learning is open to and recognizes opportunities for bridging when a potential situation arises.  

  • Bridging can be spontaneous when an opportunity presents itself as a result of student or teacher observations, comments or questions;

  • It can also be deliberately planned by the teacher.

Deliberate planning for student-centered  activities and reflection about languages places students in learning situations that can contribute to the learners’ awareness about the powerful  impact transfer can have on language learning.

There are many ways for the teacher to foster and support the transfer of language learning. To provide opportunities for students to transfer language learning, the teacher can plan for explicit instruction that takes into consideration the following elements:

  • WHAT do I want students to transfer and WHY?

    • Selecting transferable content knowledge and language learning strategies from the programmes

    • Targeting specific types of transfer

  • HOW and WHEN will I build bridges to the other language class in my class?

    • Guiding questions to plan activities that lead students to the transfer of language learning

    • Selecting engaging resources that are particularly helpful for focusing on transfer of language learning

    • Looking for possibilities to collaborate with language teaching partners