The secularization of Québec education began with the Lesage government in the 1960s, which saw the establishment of a Ministry of Education responsible for new and improved curricula across the province.

In the 1970s a Ministry initiative sought to create two advisory councils to guide the implementation of the English Language Arts curriculum and support the teaching community: the Elementary Language Arts Advisory Committee (ELAC) and the Secondary Language Arts Advisory Council (SLAC).

In the 1990s, these two committees were united under the new acronym PACTE, the Provincial Advisory Council for the Teaching of English. The PACTE’s mandate comes from the community, which works cooperatively with the Ministry of Education.

Today, the PACTE remains a Ministry-led group. It meets a couple of times a year to identify issues, share information and consult regarding pedagogical needs, professional development and resources for the teaching of English Language Arts.

Recent consultations identified a need within the community for support in teaching and assessing our Talk competency, which led to the design and creation of a suite of oracy tools and resources available under the Talk section of this site.

The council is comprised of educational professionals from the youth sector and post-secondary, including ELA consultants from the 9 English school boards, representatives from McGill, Bishop’s and Concordia Universities as well as private schools, CEGEP and select Ministry directions.


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